Monday, February 28, 2011

A Brief Introduction

Hello mon, take a seat. Breath in da fumes of de fire. I'm a-cookin' some Slitherskin Mackerel I just caught, de be done soon, feel free to share. Don't mind de snake, dat's just Arikara. Arikara! Down! Good girl.

So, jawannaknowwhatIdo? Well, I'm a hunter by trade, profession, lifestyle, calling, creed, whathaveyou. I started out in de valley of trials, way in de southern canyons o' Durotar. It was dere, dat I killed mah first boar, ate mah first scorpid surprise, and learned da tools of mah trade. Since den, I been wandering de world, finding all de rarest beasties, and making dem mah own. I gotcha dinos, rhinos, snakeys, some mammals, and a couple odder tings I don' even know whatya call'em. Pretty soon, I be putting up pictures o' dem on my blog.

Some o' you be tinken' 'Sticks! How you be bloggin when all you got is a fire and some fish!' to which I be sayin' "You really askin' me dat bruddah? Der be mages poppin' all over de world in de blink of an eye, warriors stoppin' great balls o' fire wid nottin' on der arms but some bits of metal and leather been held togedder wit' string! Don't be daft mon, is de world we live in."

Now, if you be done askin' stupid questions, I kin tell ye why I'm bloggin' in de first place. It's because I speaks for dem who can't speak demselves, yes, de beasties. You evah hear about a devilsaur askin' for more food, or for a friendly discipliny priest to put a fancy bubble on dem? NO! BECAUSE DE CAN'T TALK! Jabbanobaddamadu mon, you really gotta lot to learn. Okay, dis be de start o' my lessons. Gotta have a name for dis... Huntin' wid da Beasts! No...wait...Kill Commandin' in da name of! Wait... I gots it! Focused Fire! Ya, dat's it. Dat's de name o' dis blogg, I worked it in as a title drop, so it's official. Ya, dis is Focused fire. I'm Sticks, your host, and de cookin's done, so let's enjoy our fish before we begin. You get de little one dat's all burnt on one side. Arikara gets de middle one.

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