Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Patch 4.1, What I be lookin' forward to.

Okay, so de world's been split by Deathwing, and everyting's changed. One o' me old haunts, Zul'Gerub, is no longer open, and dat rat-bastard o' a raptor lord stole me Sticks'aka! What? You don' know 'bout dat? Well, get youself down ta Northern Stranglethorn, and get smashin' some raptor eggs, you'll see wha I mean when you get dere. An' don't come back till ya know wha I mean!

You done? Zul'jin's eye dat was fast! Dere may be hope for ya yet! Okay, so, here's what we know: Zul'Gerub and Zul'Aman be opening again. Dis be a good ting, I'm a-tinking. De stories o' de trolls be bettah told, and we get to see some new beasties. I hear tell dere be a new raptor mount, I wonda if poor liddle Sticks'aka has anyting to do wid it...

Anyway, dere be dat, so we get to see more o' my people doin' what dey do best: killin' odda tings. Dat's all well and good, but what do hunters get out o' dis? As ting's are lookin', not too much.

  • Our Explosive traps be gettin' a new look, to which I say: about damn time! I'm sick of droppin' down a poor troll's Flamestrike, and den watchin' it pulse in and out so you can only tell if it's workin' when you be watching ya enemies life tick away. Now if it could actually DO DAMAGE WORTHY of an EXPLOSION! Mebbe den I would get exited, but really, I gots little to complain about dere.
  • Our special ability dat calls our pets to us, which somehow frees us from everyting our enemies trow at us, is gettin' a new look too. Meh, perhaps it'll be prettier, dat would be nice.
  • Dat supah-doopah spinny move we do dat blocks attacks and deflects spells can be used widout a weapon. Now, dis is a nice liddle improvement for fightin' warriors and such, and definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, though that may just be dat furry caterpillar I ate for lunch...
  • Our pets no longa require trainin to match us right aftah we get dem. Now, dis needs some clarification. We STILL have to train our pets, but only if we be lowah in powa dan the best possible. If ya at de top pawah, ya need not worry. Some dummies (humans) like to measure dese powa's, and call dem 'levels'. Bah, a level is a floor of a hut or de difference in the tallness of a cliff, to level is to burn down said hut or knock down said cliff, Echutee, I got no idea what dem humans tinkin.
  • We can now tame Hydras. Why? Because we got so good at our jobs, dat now we an tame tree beasties at once, provided dey all in de same place, I guess. I hope dey be as tough as crocalisks, like de used to be in Schoalazar, damn dat gold-fama for releasin' my poor liddle Voyvoda...
Anyway, dat be what's in store for hunters, and I hope ya as excited as me to go back in and rescue Sticks'aka. Wha? You named her someting else? Bah, nevah mind, SHE knows wha her name is.

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