Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shaman, Friends o' de hunter

Now, I'm not saying dat hunters be bettah den de odda classes out dea, but dey certainly not up to ouwah standards. Aftah all, what odda class can fight at a range, bring der own tank, heal da tank, stealth into a battle, crowd-control, and still come out lookin' bettah den everybody else? Dat said, I've gotta soft spot for de shamans. Now, dis iddn't just because a VERY pretty troll lady who commands de elements gives me a good look every now and den (though I know she got de hots for me), but because dey help us out. Dey totems make us hardah, bettah, fastah, strongah, more den hour ouwah nevah, or whatevah dat means. Anyway, de Tuvaktulas dat's goin' down is dat some shaman friends o' mine have put up a podcast on de L2R blog, de be callin' it...Hold on, let me get mah best shaman voice...


So go check dem' out! I had a mage make a portal dere, it made him feel bettah, he's not much use odderwise when I'm around.

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  1. Ya can be joinin' conversations over here

    Ya need ta join the site to talk, but it be well worth it.